Podcasts by Daniel G. Clark, hosted by LibSyn.com. Most shows were editions of "Trolleys, Tales & Talk" aired weekly on KWPC radio from January 2006 until May 2010.
"Trolleys, Tales & Talk" May 4, 2010
[Distributed via e-mail and Facebook on May 3, 2010]
Hey, Neighbors!
THIS WEEK (May 4) on Trolleys, Tales & Talk: "THE END OF THE LINE"
This will be my last show. That's right, this is the end. It's been a good run since January 2006. The trolley is parked, and I am moving on to other things. For this last show I'll be taking calls and talking about what I plan to do next, including local-history TV. Call during the show at 563-263-8600, or send me e-mail that I might read on the air. ou can hear this last "Trolleys, Tales & Talk" on KWPC AM-860 at 9:05 a.m. THIS TUESDAY ONLY, streamed live via http://voiceofmuscatine.com. Or listen anytime from anywhere in the world at http://muscatinetours.libsyn.com/ as always. I look forward to future guest appearances on KWPC's Friday morning "Coffee Club," and I'll continue building the online archive. I will add most of the past shows that aren't there already, and I plan to offer new audio material and other information I haven't thought of yet. Did you miss last week's show, "Civil War 150 Years Later," with Pam Knott and Lee Miller? Hear the podcast at http://muscatinetours.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=609279. So...thanks for listening, and please keep in touch!
Dan Clark
Muscatine Trolley & Tours, L.C.
[During the show, I spoke about Julia Ward Howe's peace declaration that helped establish Mothers' Day, and I read from an essay by Jone Johnson Lewis, online at http://womenshistory.about.com/od/howejuliaward/a/julia_ward_howe_4_mothers_day.htm. I also spoke with three wonderful callers: 1) My third cousin Willis S. Whittlesey III called from Salt Lake City. He's the genealogist who's probably more responsible than anyone else for getting me into all this. 2) Shirley Calvert, 83-year-old daughter of William D. Randall, was my once-a-month co-host during most of my time on air. Many of our shows relied on "Little Known Stories of Muscatine" her father wrote as radio scripts in the 1940s. 3) John Haskins, leader of Friends of the Old Barn, was my guest more than once and embodies the cause of Historic Preservation I've tried to champion. So long, neighbors! And please stay in touch.]
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