Podcasts by Daniel G. Clark, hosted by LibSyn.com. Most shows were editions of "Trolleys, Tales & Talk" aired weekly on KWPC radio from January 2006 until May 2010.
Dan Clark and Shirley Calvert observe three years of doing this show (already!), and guests Molly Cantrell-Kraig and Laura Liegois talk up a new initiative to Keep Muscatine Beautiful. The fast talk and fun includes comparing Facebook experiences. Contact Molly via http://www.your-storyonline.com and Laura via http://ci.muscatine.ia.us/pw/transfer/index.htm . You may contact Shirley through Dan.
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Dan Clark and Shirley Calvert talk about Christmas and family. Dan reads "The First Christmas Tree" by Shirley's father, William D. Randall (Little Known Stories of Muscatine, Vol. 4). Next, Dan speaks with archaeologist Steve Hanken about John Brown's last trip across Iowa 150 years ago. After "liberating" slaves in Missouri (Dec. 20, 1858), Brown led a dramatic Underground Railroad trek to a real train car in West Liberty and on toward freedom. The saga continues over coming weeks as we track Brown's party into southeast Nebraska and across Iowa.
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Dan Clark speaks with Paul Rumler, executive director of the Quad Cities Passenger Rail Coalition ( http://www.qcrail.com ). Callers share memories of train travel and express support for future passenger service.
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Dan Clark speaks with Mallory Smith and Kathy Vance about an oral history project that gathered residents' stories of using and enjoying natural areas in and around Louisa County, just south of Muscatine. The interviews will be featured at a new interpretive center and preserved for future study. Learn more at http://www.tri-rivers.org/Reflections.html.
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Dan Clark speaks with Frank Best and Connie Street about museums and other history efforts in one of Iowa's first counties, Louisa County, just south of Muscatine. Learn more at http://LouisaCountyHistory.com.
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Dan Clark and Shirley Calvert welcome New England native Barbara Woodstra for a conversation about Puritans who came to Iowa plus the meaning of Thanksgiving. They discuss family values and customs for the practice of gratitude. Reminder to listeners: There is a new holiday the day after Thanksgiving. Learn more at http://www.nationaldayoflistening.org/.
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Dan Clark talks historic preservation--again. Which old Muscatine buildings are most important to fix up and save before it's too late? And how can we afford saving "eyesore" buildings in a time of no money for frills? And just when is "too late" anyway? Dan reads e-mail about the City's acquisition (and possible upcoming demolition) of the 1900 Henry Jayne House next door to the Art Center, and he takes calls from listeners. Learn more at http://muscatinepreservation.org and http://www.muscatinejournal.com/articles/2008/11/18/news/doc4922e607839c8083487003.txt.
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Jeff Shay joins Dan Clark in conversation with Bob Nagler, retired chemistry professor and World War II conscientious objector. When Bob was a boy in Iowa City, his father Floyd A. Nagler taught hydraulic engineering at the university, and Bob recalls his father's "best graduate student" visiting their home. That student was Max Stanley, later of Muscatine. Floyd Nagler's detailed surveys of Iowa rivers and streams are important historical benchmarks, and his collection of mill relics went to the UI hydraulics laboratory now named for Stanley. Floyd was also a World War I veteran whose "thorough disgust with war" moved him to promote the Oxford Peace Pledge, and he was his son's hero. Three months before Floyd died in 1933, 10-year-old Bob signed the pledge himself--a pledge not to fight in any war. Read more of the Nagler story at http://www.commondreams.org/archive/2007/11/11/5149.
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Dave Casstevens and Dave Metz join Dan Clark for an update from Friends of the Old Barn. The historic 1926 "Lowden Barn" would have been been demolished but for John Haskins' single-handed initiative nearly three years ago that led to creation of the preservation organization. Hear John at http://muscatinetours.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=399731 (Jan. 17, 2006).
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Pastor Paul Ostrem tells Dan Clark and Shirley Calvert about challenges that faced local German-speaking immigrants during World War I. They discuss "Loyalty Days," a chapter in Paul's book Dennoch about Zion Lutheran Church and its longtime Pastor John Haefner. Read "Loyalty Days" at http://archive.elca.org/ScriptLib/dcs/jle/article.asp?aid=540 .
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